Sailing with Tim (in 1975)

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I've been reluctant to post this collection of photographs showing a cruise, made in 1975, with an old youth work colleague aboard Dad's SeaHawk, Jemima, as the quality of the old slides, which have been rotting in assorted garages and lofts for almost 40 years is dire. However, I figured that if I didn't do it soon then the images would only get worse. The report, posted in the Broads section of the site, records a Cruise with Tim Iliffe up the Thurne beyond Potter Heigham Bridge, then along the Bure to Wroxham, with a return to the home mooring at Dilham.

Wine at Wroxham?Mystery Picture: Were there really screw cap wine bottles in 1975?
Do the pylons on the opposite bank prove we were moored above Wroxham Railway Bridge?

Given the time since the cruise my memory is a little faded and there are both mystery pictures and surprises. For example, in the photo above, I am surprised to see a screw top cap on a wine bottle, and was this really a view from a mooring just above Wroxham Railway Bridge. I believe that the pylons on the opposite bank indicate it is. See what you think! Read my memories of a Cruise with Tim Iliffe.